World Homestay FAQ’s

Q. Are your homestay families pre screened or interviewed in their home by a representative of World homestay?
A. No. does not interview Host Families in their home, although many of the Hosts in this database are actively participating in other Homestay Programs. We suggest asking for emails or phone numbers of past homestay students so you can find out how their experiences were.

Q. Why should I use World Homestay to find a host family?
A. We have many homestay Hosts in our database and we are constantly recruiting host families everyday. World is less expensive than a traditional Homestay agency and allows students, interns and visitors the ability to coordinate their own housing for a fraction of the cost. Also, many of our families are current active homestay hosts for or other homestay agencies.

Q. Should I send my monthly homestay rent to my host before I arrive in the USA?
A. No. We do not recommend this, however a deposit is fine and many hosts will ask you for this. It is fine to wire a deposit to your host. You should pay your monthly homestay rent no later than two days after your arrival.

Q. Why do I need to sign up and pay a fee to find a host family? And are there refunds if I do not find a Host Family?
A. World charges a fee because we only want to provide guests with host family info who are serious about making a homestay reservation. There are also fee associated with maintaining this website. World will not authorize refunds if you do not find a Host Family or a Guest through our site.

Q. I am a registered user seeking a homestay or a host families offering a homestay but am having trouble logging in?
A. You should have received an email confirmation from us along with your user name and password. It is possible that you will receive your username and password within 24-48 hours of signing up with us. If you still haven’t received it, please check your email “junk” or “spam” folder to see if our email to you was automatically sent there.

Q. I can not upload my picture for my homestay advertisement, what shall I do?

There is a restriction of the size of uploaded file (50K) and the size it is displayed (400px wide). You should use a graphics(image editing) program to resize the picture to 400 px width or less and save the file for the web (72dpi). Most digital cameras and scanners come with image editing programs.

Note: Web sites do not display higher than 72 DPI so if you can save the picture as a 72dpi image it will easily fit in the size restriction. A typical size of a 400px 72dpi picture would be approximately 20 K. The picture image should be a .jpg or .gif file format.

Q. If I make an error in my homestay ad can I correct it later?
A. Once you submit a homestay ad you can replace the ad at any time during your membership period by submitting a new one.

If all else fails, please email